About Us

About Us

Stats Baller Team

We set up StatsBaller to provide unique sports stats that are usable. By providing data with the value we look for a more considered reader who wants stats as well as analysis. 

When looking for sports stats we always found the same sites all sharing the same data-heavy posts about each game with no unique insights or value to the reader- just lots and lots of data. At StatsBaller our aim is to be different to the rest, data with unique analysis that you can use! 

How we got here

The origins of the site come from hours (months) of data analysis to build databases with value. This has taken some time and the number of sports we cover on the site will increase over time as we build more and more data points. 

If there is any specific data you think we should add then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to add it to our data feeds. 

Meet The Team!

Everyone in the team has a clear role and we are looking to add more people over time. By combining data experts with experts on each sport we can build more of what people want. As the site and company grow more and more people will come on board covering different sports as software engineers, data analysts or content writers. 

Our team rocks.

Chad Martin

Founder & CEO

Chad is the original founder of the company. The guy with the idea to start building. He is across everything the company does and has a keen interest in API’s and data points. He’s a big MLS fan and produces content for MLS previews. 

Oliva Williams

Head of Data

Oliva oversees all the data points and manges the software engineers. She is an expert in API’s and data integration and is a very valuable asset to the company. She is a fan of the NBA, specifically the LA Lakers. 

Brian Johson

Head of Content & Advertising

Managing the vast amount of content on the site is a big job for Brian. He oversees the sites structure and advertising to maximise revenues and keep the site user friendly. 

Get in touch

If you wish to get in touch please do so via email to – 

General Enquiries: getintouch@statsballer.com

Advertising enquiries: advertise@statsballer.com

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